Small business / clubs / communities on YouTube live

One of the most talked about developments (one might even say resolutions) in brand marketing over the past few years has been the use of video and live streaming. Cisco reports that by 2018, 69% of all internet traffic will be made up of video. A quick look into YouTube live will show you that globally recognized organisations such as NASA, The White House, The Vatican and Telstra all have dedicated live streams. But there is something missing. Where are the small to medium businesses on YouTube live? Where are the amateur sports teams, musicians, film makers or Mom and Pop hoteliers? It could be argued smaller firms or individuals don't have the resources to maintain a rolling content channel. But with the ready availability of mobile video tech, high speed web access and viewers insatiable appetite for video content it seems unlikely. The fact is private individuals as well as up and coming businesses can create and maintain great looking channels on YouTube live, but some of the following concerns may be stopping them:


Rolling content isn't something my brand needs

Building a rolling content channel gives you a chance to highlight the people and everyday activity behind your brand, it allows you to set up a 24/7 video FAQ with an option for customers to leave feedback, it can show the real values behind your brand and considerably boost your Google search results. It definitely is something your brand needs.


I'm afraid my video content isn't good enough

Anyone who has ever posted a video to YouTube knows this feeling. Will my content stand up to criticism, is it ok that I used my iPhone camera, does it give off the right message, is it funny enough, is it clear enough etc etc… The trick is to take the plunge. Start by preparing three to four videos around your brands central theme, bring them live and learn by doing.


I don't know when to bring my content 'on air'

As with any communication timing is everything. You're not likely to start posting on Facebook about your store's upcoming sale at 2 o'clock in the morning or tweet about a story weeks after it's gone cold. YouTube live is no different. Luckily there are some great content planning tools out there such as Streemfire which brings your pre-scheduled video playlist live at planned peak times.

 Tip: According to Frederator Networks, peak times for YouTube traffic are:

  • Monday-Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm
  • Thursday-Friday: 12pm-3pm
  • Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11am

If YouTube content is a central part of your marketing efforts already, then Streemfire is definitely something to check out. Access to the service is currently by invite only.


Two steps to create your own travel channel

If you are someone who is proud of where they live, then you’ll know there are few things better than have someone come to visit. It’s a chance to show off your city as well as your intimate knowledge of culture hotspots, great food and unmissable local attractions. You’ll also know that once your visitor hops back on the plane or bus, your honorary position as tour guide is over all too soon.

Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of having your own travel blog or Instagram feed. With new cloud technologies, YouTube live and Streemfire it’s now possible to go even further and produce your own 24/7 travel channel. With just a standard digital camera, a Wi-Fi connection and your city as a backdrop, you can create a rolling stream of content in a TV style environment.

In recent years, people’s online behavior when booking a trip has been completely reinvented by companies such as TripAdvisor,, Expedia Twitter, Facebook and Flight Tracker. Pulling your holiday information from distant third parties is over. Standard sets of information (such as brochures) have been replaced by immediate and short personal interactions from locals.

Now is the time to become an online tour guide for the things you are passionate about. Building a travel channel dedicated to your city or area has never been easier or more cost effective. Here’s what you have to do to get started:


Get out there:

Grab a camera or even a smart phone and capture all the unmissable places that make your area so unique.


Upload to Streemfire:

Streemfire is a free cloud based service making it possible to broadcast your content to a YouTube live event. Your content can be scheduled and brought on and off air as much or as little as you like. The Streemfire Scheduler is a smart planning tool, which perfectly fits the need to produce linear TV programs. Scheduling is simply done by dropping and organizing the playlists of your choice onto an easy to use timeline. It offers various controls from plain play-by-loop scheduling to building a 24/7 timeline.


Let Streemfire send it to YouTube live:

Playout your linear programing on YouTube Live or other CDN providers like Ustream or Edgecast and share your TV channel on any social platform.


Start scheduling your live content!

2016 is going to be a great year for live broadcasting your brand. From professional speakers, musicians, event organisers to corporate brands both large and small, Live Events and rolling video branding will be key in your marketing efforts this coming year.

Smart professionals will already be clocking in serious hours on Periscope, Meerkat and YouTube live. In 2016 the demand on your time for live streaming is only going to rise. This is where Streemfire comes in very handy.

Whatever happens keep rolling!

Streemfire is best thought of as a scheduler for your YouTube live events. As Buffer is to your Twitter posts, Streemfire is to your YouTube play out. Positioned as the solution to having your very own 24/7 rolling TV channel, Streemfire feeds your curated content across all devices where YouTube Live is available.

Unlike building a playlist on YouTube and having your viewers wait for the next video to play (or worse, click through manually) the Streemfire scheduler allows individuals to build a professional grade TV broadcast right to their YouTube live event. Streemfire was created by Austrian broadcast veteran VJU iTV. This means you get some nice benefits from the broadcasting world built in to the scheduler. Frame accurate transition time between videos and the ability to swap out content without taking your broadcast down from YouTube.