Streemfire the future of broadcasting.
Streemfire is a next-generation video management application for broadcasters and media publishers. It resides in the cloud and offers an all-in-one approach to manage the media entirely in the web-browser.
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How it works

  • Upload your source files or
    define your live sources
  • Prepare your playlists, easily
    add animated overlays and titles
  • Create your channel design and
    make your broadcast schedule.
  • Go on Air!
  • Lean back! All is save and
    backed up in the cloud
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Media Asset Management

The asset management tool allows you to upload files, organize media, add metadata into the Streemfire Cloud. Optional file ingest acceleration is available.

File transcoding to a common playout format is supported in multiple ways, including cloud transcoding. This ensures a rich diversity of input and output formats and satisfies needs for large volume transcoding or the handling of transcoding peaks.

Graphics and Branding

A choice of ready-made or customized templates caters for easy on-screen graphics and branding, text inputs and the setting of display time. Choose a template that fits your requirements and enhance your content with a few clicks into a unique composition.


Media files processed in the Streemfire Cloud are easily manageable through simple drag & drop actions in the browser to create playlists and quickly schedule them for playout.


Assets, playlists and the applied graphical branding are available for immediate preview. Check out and adapt the appearance of your channel as you work.


The Streemfire Scheduler is a smart planning tool, that perfectly fits the need to produce linear TV programs. Scheduling is simply done by dropping and organizing the playlists of your choice onto the timeline. It offers various controls from plain play-by-loop scheduling to building a 24/7 timeline.


With Streemfire, video playout can be as easy as providing cloud-generated streams for web- or mobile destinations or as versatile as integrating with high-end playout devices for submission into cable networks or satellite distribution.

On-air files and schedules are synchronized between the Streemfire cloud and the playout device. Streemfire supports schedule-based switching between recorded and live sources.

Alternatively, Streemfire may be used as a lightweight tool for cloud based remote playout control. As such, Streemfire complements the material flow of traditionally built broadcast workflows by shifting playlist creation and scheduling tasks into the cloud but uses small proxy files only rather than large air files.


Next to linear channel playout, the Streemfire platform allows to use all media assets for the purpose of providing on-demand video content. By that linear TV distribution is instantly expandable to wide online audiences while maintaining the visual identity of channel. On-demand content can be offered via Streemfire´s own HTML5-built frontend or fed into customers own websites or apps.

About VJU

  • VJU was founded in 2008 as a media software company offering turn-key solutions for IP-based videomanagement and
  • distribution. Our mission is to deliver innovative products addressing global demand for cloud based broadcasting solutions.
We offer:
  • Innovative cloud tech- nologies for video mana- gement, TV broadcasting and media distribution

  • A comprehensive and infinitely scalable platform with the most user-friendly user interface

  • Expert developers and a long track record of experience

  • Reliability thanks to tried-and-tested technology and in-house expertise

  • Flexible product and service provision

  • Prestigious partners from the media, telecom and broadcasting sectors

  • Excellent ROI and value for money

  • Dedicated, passionate team – we love our product and it shows!

Provisioning & Pricing

Streemfire runs in the cloud and leverages international cloud services, providing global availability and proven scalability.
  • Streemfire “Channel as a Service” is the offering of VJU rendered as a service out of the cloud, operated by VJU.
  • The VJU service model allows for highest business agility, a very quick go-to-market, an OPEX-only business model, minimized commitment in terms of the licensing term and a transparent provision of variable cloud resources like storage, transcoding or data transfers.



Feel free to contact us to discuss deployment
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  • What is Streemfire?

    A powerful software application, offering an end-to-end solution for cloud-based video workflows and playout.

    Streemfire is a versatile tool in the cloud to organize video assets, providing easy and rapid ways to launch and maintain TV channels, to operate channels in a “pop up” mode or to turn your channel programming into a compelling on-demand viewing experience on the web.

    Streemfires’s “Channel as a Service” is the business model for a turnkey video management and playout solution provided as a service . It integrates all the elements needed to keep video content on-air within linear channels as well as other applications (OTT TV, VoD).

  • Who is Streemfire designed for?

    Anyone who produces, manages or broadcasts professional video.

    Streemfire is ideal for a wide range of users, including:

    • Content owners seeking fast go-to-market with an easy-to-operate video management and playout service
    • Broadcasters looking to extend their in-house workflows towards a cloud-based control functionality for video management, automation and playout
    • Media publishers or broadcasters interested in a cost-effective, OPEX-only low-complexity service for new video channels or to complement existing ones
    • Playout service providers with incumbent multichannel automation systems desiring a flexible approach to launching new branded channels or On-demand offerings.
    • Organisations desiring cloud-based disaster recovery operations
  • Can I use Streemfire for remote playout control?

    Yes, Streemfire Pro may be operated in a “cloud-control” way.

    Streemfire Pro complements the material flow in traditionally built broadcast processes by extending playlist creation and scheduling tasks into the cloud. Instead of air files, Streemfire Pro deals in such a case only with small proxy files. As such, Streemfire Pro acts as a pure cloud control instance, allowing remote operation of playout processes over the internet, while feedback of the actual playout status is always provided back into the Streemfire Pro user interface.

  • What does “Channel as a Service” mean?

    “Channel as a Service” is a business model in which the Streemfire application is hosted in the cloud and made available to the customer over the Internet as a service.

    The software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. Instead of installing and maintaining the required infrastructure by yourself, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from the complexity of software and hardware management.

    VJU provides video processing services, which significantly reduce the overhead cost of launching new channels and go-to-market timelines.

    By using the cloud-infrastructure, you can reduce the initial financial outlay when starting up or instead of purchasing new equipment. The cloud offers on-demand services, which you don’t pay for if you’re not using them.

  • What does “cloud-based” mean and is it mandatory?

    The term refers to applications (Streemfire) or services made available to users on demand via the Internet from a cloud computing provider’s servers.

    Streemfire runs in the cloud (PaaS and IaaS) per default, which provides the fastest most convenient way to launch a channel or On-demand video services.

    Some clients may prefer to establish the entire system using their own hardware and infrastructure to ensure maximum control over the system and its functioning. This type of installation is supported as well on request. On-Premise or Private Cloud installation is possible via VM-Ware Virtualization.

  • How quickly can Streemfire be installed and integrated to my system?

    A couple of days, with testing and integration included.

    Usually, to set up a hardware-based workflow will take significantly more time than implementing Streemfire as a service.

  • Can the user interfaces of Streemfire Pro be customized according to my corporate graphical identity?


    The administration back-end and client interfaces can bear your logo, and the client GUI colors can be chosen among a variety of predefined schemes to match the one suitable for your installation. Also, all on-air templates can be customized according to your CI.

  • How do I upload, ingest and store my files?

    Streemfire offers HTTP upload via its Asset Management User Interface, as well as HTTP upload via API, ingest from FTP and HTTP-sources via API. Accelerated transfer is optionally available.
    VJU supports Cloud Blob Storage and/or Local Storage/NAS.

  • What encoding does Streemfire offer?

    Streemfire integrates with either, Microsoft Azure Media Services, and their respective video codecs and video formats.

  • Which Video Delivery does Streemfire offer?

    Streemfire offers support for streaming and progressive download.
    CDN support for YouTube Live, Ustream, Akamai, Nacamar, Edgecast.

  • Does Streemfire have DRM (Digital Rigths Managment)?

    You do not have to worry about your content being exposed to unauthorized “ripping”. As an option, Streemfire supports integration with many world-recognized digital content protection standards, often required by the content owners.


Our products set new standards in efficient, simple and flexible TV management solutions.
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